1918 vs 2018: Why are our challenges still the same?

28 Nov 2018

The morning of the first day at the Xynteo Exchange/Norway 2018 witnessed a face-off between Felipe Calderon, former President of Mexico and Samina Ansari, Executive Director, Women's Centre, The American University in Afghanistan. They debated what's stopping us from being an inclusive democracy. President CalderÓn said, "extreme polarisation is destroying and killing democracy, we need to protect it. Inclusion is the essence of democracy -- equal rights to education, health and political representation."

President CalderÓn

Samina emphasised that the solution for addressing the gender pay gap is to look at our entire ecosystem. We need to begin with the societal expectations of gender norms. "We need to talk about a model that is good for all. It needs to grow from the inside with help from the outside", said Samina.