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Our challenge is not a scarcity of ideas, capital or talent; in fact, these resources are abundant. But, too often, they develop in isolation from each other.


It is only when new ideas, capital and talent find each other, connect and combine, that they sustain and scale. This has long been the role of the Marketplace. But the markets that we work with and within today are outdated. Their signals are misleading or incomplete.


We believe that there can be a different kind of Marketplace. One that fosters new ideas, capital and talent – and brings them together in new and powerful ways.


Leaders from across our community, including start-ups, big business and civil society – will pitch their projects in our Marketplace, making the case for innovative and disruptive products and services that need collaboration to scale.


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Labour xchange

Labour xchange makes work, work for everyone. We do this by creating a fair and open digital market place where we match the free time of the underemployed, parents and carers to the hours businesses need working. By matching supply and demand on an hour by hour basis we create a much needed new source of income for people and a new flexible, productive workforce for businesses.
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Zero Waste Norway

Zero Waste Certification Programme
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Plastic Maker Hubs


Plastic Maker Hubs aims at tackling the wicked and highly critical problem of plastic waste at the source. We believe the problem is rooted in miscalculated value: negative externalities are not priced in waste, waste-pickers valuable work is not reflected in their income, and consumers do not have an opportunity to spend their money on a 'better' plastic. Our contribution to the solution is a series of small-scale hubs/workshops where waste-pickers convert plastic waste into a range of design products such as coasters, notebooks, wall clocks, furniture etc. These products embed principles of fair trade & circular economy, tapping into a huge global market of conscious consumers, both B2B and B2C. We aim at an holistic upliftment of the waste-pickers' communities & livelihoods, in terms of more income, dignified work and status.
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NeedsList is a marketplace for aid to sustainably & efficiently meet the needs of displaced people.
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Not Impossible Labs

The mission of the Vaccine Not Impossible Roundtable is to collaborate with a select group of doers, designers, engineers and hackers who are active and interested in creating impactful, sustainable and measurable solutions for delivering life-saving vaccines to the Last Mile. The Last Mile is an avoidable human tragedy. Solving it is our next mission and story. Vaccine: Not Impossible will begin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where recent outbreaks in vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, cholera and yellow fever have killed thousands of people. VNI will hack the system, disrupt the status quo and deliver grassroots alternatives that solve the most pressing issues standing in the way of delivering these life-saving vaccines to people in the most remote corners of the DRC.
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Gladiator education

Active social learning with Aball1
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FarmDrive is an agricultural data analytics company driving financial services to unbanked and underserved smallholder farmers, while helping financial institutions cost effectively increase their agricultural loan portfolios. Using simple mobile phone technology, alternative credit scoring, and machine learning, FarmDrive closes the data gap that keeps smallholder farmers from the financial services that would allow them to grow their agri-businesses and increase their incomes.
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Simprints is a nonprofit technology company from the University of Cambridge. They build open-source software and biometric hardware that empowers the mobile tools used by researchers, NGOs, and governments fighting poverty around the globe. Recognising a significant gap in current biometric technology, the team has developed an open-source fingerprint system for the world’s toughest settings that is 200%+ more accurate and 4x cheaper than existing solutions. To date, they have helped to register over 50,000 people, and are on track to reach at least 4 million more in the next three years.
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BySpire redefines Norwegian agriculture - We will reduce imports of vegetables and herbs, as well as improve the selection and quality on the Nordic market. We will do this by cultivating vegetables and herbs all year round, using the latest in high-tech vertical cultivation. BySpire will sell high quality products mainly through grocery stores, but we will also work with some selected restaurants and hotels. Follow us on our journey to challenge status quo!
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Reverse Innovation in Global Health and Development

AI Based Microscopy; Photonic Fence for vector control in health and agriculture eradication; High Sensitivity Point of Care Diagnostics for disease eradication
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Nyby – Tomorrow’s Welfare Society

Can we solve large societal challenges by organizing ourselves differently? Welcome to Nyby. Nyby is a digital platform that matches resources and needs in our society. Nyby makes it easy to ask for help, and easy to contribute. For everybody. Nyby connects people. Nyby is an app, but we like to think of it as a new way of organizing the welfare society.
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Fortum Oslo Varme

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) from the Waste to energy-plant in Oslo owned by Fortum and the City of Oslo.
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J-Palm Liberia

J-Palm Liberia provides smallholder oil palm farmers access to efficient processing technologies, which increase output by 50%. J-Palm then purchases the palm oil and palm kernels from smallholders, and creates a range of consumer and industrial products. In the process, smallholders realize a 160% increase in income, and J-Palm creates jobs for hundreds of much-needed jobs Liberians- mostly women and youth.
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Sustainability Hub Norway

Sustainability Hub Norway is a non-profit founded March 1st 2017. S-HUB is mobilizing the ecosystem for sustainable business in Norway, aiming to be the leading network for sustainably ambitious companies and organizations in Norway.
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Aball1 makes learning, physical activity and teamwork fun for all!
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Soul of Africa

Soul of Africa is a sustainable shoemaking social enterprise providing skills training and direct employment opportunities in Africa (currently focusing in Ethiopia), re-investing 100% of the profit to continuously improve the supply chain. Our products are made with local materials such as Wild Hide leather sourced from small-scale Ethiopian farmers and the patented Vivobarefoot technology sole that is ultra-light, flexible and puncture-resistant, featuring human footprint calling to reconnect with Africa, the birthplace of the mankind. The shoe construction and natural materials used allow the products to be fully recycled. We create the designs to stand for development causes (i.e. FGM for AW18) raising funds to support them through the sales of the shoes as well as to inspire the global consumer by showcasing African culture and heritage (i.e. Kara tribe unique body painting designs incorporated on SS17 shoes).
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Pøbelprosjektet AS

Bistå unge som faller utenfor skole eller arbeid til etablering i arbeid eller utdanning
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Clean Water for Everyone

Introducing an innovative pumping technology to distribute clean water in rural settings, either from valley rivers to hilltops, or from deep-under-ground to surface levels. To be operated by locals in a licensing network. Now being piloted in Nepal
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Ambulating Boat Clinics

Launching a pontoon container clinic in combination with a small catamaran fast boat/ ambulance, reaching out to render sustainable, basic health care to rural, remote areas. A modular, mobile concept which can be expanded into an emergency floating hospital when/ where disaster strikes, comprising a variety of different pontoon units.
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Chooose is a platform for climate action, and we’re plugged in to your everyday life. CO2 is totally normal. But there’s nothing normal with the big industries’ emissions of it. As a Chooose partner, you have a huge effect on eliminating CO2 emissions by deleting CO2 credits from the market. Becoming a 'Choooser' means stating that you love our planet, without taking a political standpoint. With minimal effort and a manageable sum of money you can be a real climate hero right now. Chooose collaborates with the UNFCCC, won Startup of the Year in Norway at DNB NXT, won Nordic Startup Awards, is nomitated to Social Entrepreneur of the year in Norway - and is the only Nordic company handpicked as top 25 tech startup globally by Richard Branson and Extreme Tech Challenge.
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Sustainability tools for the 21st century — get personal actions you can do at home, work or school. Track your impact and measure the collaborative effect of your team working together. An efficient, easy and fun way to reach climate goals!
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JodaCare is a digital platform for communication between healthcare personnel and family members of patients without the ability of explaining their own day. Examples would be elderly with dementia, children with special needs or people with autism or Down syndrom.
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Smart Cable Guard

The present electricity production, distribution and consumption is changing. Decentralized electricity production (solar and wind) changes the load flows over the cable network. For example, solar panels on domestic houses feeding electricity into the network locally. Electricity demand is increasing therefore loads are increasing, the cable network is aging and the client expects electricity to be available 24/7. Those changes and demands are challenges which a distribution network owner must face the coming years. Those changes together with governmental and regulatory bodies introducing mechanisms to increase security of electricity supply (for example penalty systems) will drive DSO’s to use digital solutions. DSO’s and other network owners (like industries) are more and more looking at advanced and new technologies to help in their quest to meet client and governmental demands. Smart Cable Guard A medium voltage network that is monitored by a fully automated system which immediately gives a warning when problems arise. This is a dream long held by many grid operators. Part of this dream is now realized by Smart Cable Guard® (SCG). SCG is a unique monitoring system developed by DNV GL in cooperation with the Technology Foundation of the Dutch government and Dutch grid operators. Smart Cable Guard® does not only monitor the cable on weak spots which can lead to failures, but it also detects the failures (full and intermittent short circuits) and locates both weak spots and failures in the cable within an accuracy of ~1% of the total cable length.
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Hywind- the leading solution for floating offshore wind
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Thorvald – the agricultural robot developed by Saga Robotics

Saga Robotics provides services to farmers through the Thorvald agricultural robot. We use robotics to develop knowledge-based services for precision and automated farming. We are soon to start delivering services to farmers and are planning for a multitude of services like UV-treatment to fight mildew, crop surveillance, in-field transportation of cases with the robot working alongside pickers, weeding, and more. The first service we will be offering is UV-treatment to fight mildew in strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, and other crops.
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